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Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture (Version 2.0)

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This survey is administered by Beterra Health on behalf of your organization. Beterra ensures the anonymity of each respondent by de-identifying ALL responses. No response can or will be linked back to a specific respondent.  To further protect your identity, any unit with less than 10 responses will not be visible to your organization at the unit level.
This survey asks for your opinions about patient safety issues, medical error, and event reporting in your hospital and will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. If a question does not apply to you or your hospital or you don’t know the answer, please select “Does Not Apply or Don’t Know.”
  • Patient safety is defined as the avoidance and prevention of patient injuries or adverse events resulting from the processes of healthcare delivery.
  • A “patient safety eventis defined as any type of healthcare-related error, mistake, or incident, regardless of whether or not it results in patient harm.
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